NMIXX’s Sullyoon Has TWICE’s Nayeon As Her Lockscreen—Here’s Why It’s The Newest Trend In K-Pop

Brb, changing our lockscreen wallpaper ASAP!

The idea of having superstitions or good-luck charms is something that every country has. Whether it’s a special piece of clothing or an item passed down generations, it is common for people to have things that have a certain meaning or bring good luck.

Well, it seems like a new talisman has become popular in the world of K-Pop, and it’s all because of TWICE‘s Nayeon.

TWICE’s Nayeon with her new album | @JYPETWICE/Twitter

The TWICE member became the first idol from the group to make her solo debut and the track “POP!” has rightly taken over the internet for its pure K-Pop vibes that many haven’t heard for a while.

| JYP Entertainment/YouTube
| JYP Entertainment/YouTube 

Although it’s talent and hard work that gained Nayeon her success, it seems like other idols and netizens are using her for their own good luck for a special reason!

On July 4, NMIXX‘s Sullyoon surprised fans with a live broadcast. At one point, Sullyoon showed fans her phone and netizens noticed that her background was of TWICE’s Tzuyu. Although it might not have been clear to many netizens, fans of TWICE knew straight away that the image was from a recent selfie of Nayeon.

NMIXX Sullyoon with her Nayeon background | NMIXX/VLIVE
NMIXX Sullyoon has this picture as her lockscreen | @twicetagram/Instagram

During the broadcast, Sullyoon confirmed it was Nayeon and shared that it was all because she heard it was good luck to have the idol as your wallpaper.


She isn’t alone as BTOB‘s Minhyuk shared that one of the staff on his radio show had Nayeon as a background…

And even asked if he could do the same! He isn’t alone as other celebrities and netizens have followed a trend to have Nayeon as their lock screen.

Yet, what’s the reason for the newest trend?

Well, it all started after an episode of The Manager that Nayeon appeared on. During a clip, Nayeon’s manager revealed that when she got her new phone, Nayeon sent her a selfie to put as her background.

| KOCOWA TV/YouTube 

According to Nayeon’s manager, it quickly became a talisman that brings money and wealth to whoever owns the phone. It isn’t just Nayeon’s manager. Apparently, all the members, TWICE staff, and those around the group also have Nayeon as their background.


Although Nayeon’s manager wanted a new one because it didn’t work, those staff in the room even revealed that they did see money come in.


It seems like after hearing the news, everyone wanted some of Nayeon’s luck, especially after the idol revealed that fellow TWICE member Jeongyeon also has Nayeon has her lock screen.


When netizens noticed that Sullyoon had Nayeon’s picture as her background and found out the reason why, many quickly changed their own wallpapers and shared that they hoped the TWICE singer would bring them luck.


Whether it truly brings good luck or not, changing your wallpaper to Nayeon will definitely bring you happiness whenever you open your phone. Who knows? It might make netizens rich and cement Nayeon’s status as K-Pop’s newest good luck charm.

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