NMIXX’s Haewon Addresses Jinni’s Absence During The Group’s Showcase

This comeback will be the group’s first with six members.

NMIXX‘s Haewon addressed Jinni‘s absence in the group’s upcoming album.

Haewon | JYP Entertainment

On March 20, NMIXX held a showcase for their upcoming album expérgo. The album is more memorable due to the fact it will mark the group’s first mini-album.

Art for expérgo | JYP Entertainment

On this day, NMIXX’s leader, Haewon, promised to show a more seasoned version of the group.

We will show a more mature and colorful side through this promotion. Please be on the lookout for us.

— Haewon

NMIXX was then asked about Jinni’s absence and the fact that this was the group’s first comeback with six members. To this, Haewon responded that the group was doing their best to find their identity with the remaining members and asked fans to continue supporting them.

We have been working towards finding and deepening our identities as NMIXX. Also, I trust that the fans will continue to love and support NMIXX as a six-member group.

— Haewon

On March 20, NMIXX released the group’s single “Love Me Like This” off of their first mini-album expérgo. The project marks the group’s first as a six-member group after former member Jinni’s exit. Check out the song’s music video in the link below.


Source: wikitree