NMIXX’s Haewon Opens Up About Whether Or Not She Feels Pressured To Follow The Successes Of TWICE And ITZY

She talked about making her debut after the hugely successful TWICE and ITZY!

NMIXX is JYP Entertainment‘s first girl group to debut in 3 years, and they follow in the footsteps of their talented and successful senior groups, TWICE and ITZY!

NMIXX | JYP Entertainment

The group debuted with the single album AD MARE, which contains two tracks; the title track “O.O”, and an additional track titled “Tank”!

As the next girl group to debut under JYP, the members of NMIXX talked about what it feels like to finally debut, and whether or not they feel pressure following the hugely successful groups that preceded them, TWICE and ITZY.

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Haewon talked about how honored they feel to debut under the same agency as the two groups, and said that they feel motivated to do well, rather than feel pressure to follow them! She also spoke highly of the two senior groups, and attributed the spotlight that’s currently on them to the hard work of ITZY and TWICE!

It is such a huge honor to debut as a girl group of JYP. We feel more motivated rather than pressured. We truly appreciate groups like TWICE and ITZY for helping us gain the spotlight right from the beginning of our career.

We will spare no efforts to live up to JYP’s name.


Haewon | @nmixx_official/Instagram

Everyone is excited to see all the charms and talents NMIXX has to offer!

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You can watch their MV for “O.O” here!

Source: The Korea Times