NMIXX’s Sullyoon And Bae Goes Viral For Constantly Private Messaging Their Fans

Which idol would you like to spam your messages?

NMIXX‘s Sullyoon and Bae are going viral for literally leaving thousands of messages to fans in a span of just one week!


A netizen uploaded a post onto Korea’s largest online community. In the post, the author writes about signing up for a paid private messaging app that allows celebrities to message fans directly.

The author, who is an NMIXX fan, writes that, unlike fandoms who complain their artist never uses the app, their artist might be using the app a little too much.

Usually, when people subscribe to an artist on the app, they are like, ‘Why don’t they ever use the app?’… But because Sullyoon and Bae are constantly using the app, I’m not able to lead a normal life, so I turned off notifications, and when I checked back in after a week, I saw there were 3700 messages waiting for me. Their energy is literally unmatched.

The author of the post then shared a screenshot of the new messages from the two artists. In the photo, the author had 1580 unread messages from Bae and 3790 unred messages from Sullyoon.

Netizens reacted with amazement at how much the idols communicate with fans. Many praised the idols in the comments section.

  • “3790 messages, f@ck, LOL. I bet there are fans that are like ‘Nope,’ because there are so many.”
  • “I recently signed up for the app, and they send so many messages. They are so cute, LOL.”
  • “They are power idols, LOL.”
  • “Wow, that’s like 500 a day. That’s crazy. Whenever I look at their messages online, it is hilarious. Especially Sullyoon, who is a big fan of girl groups like me, LOL.”
  • “I saw a clip of Sullyoon, and she’s a great singer with an amazing voice, and she’s pretty and good to fans. She’s perfect, LOL.”
  • “That’s hilarious, LOL. A situation where a fan isn’t able to handle their artist.”
  • “I’m not an NMIXX fan, but Sullyoon is seriously an idol that comes around once in a thousand years. Her face is already a legend, but she also communicates well with fans and sings so well.”

What are your thoughts?

Source: Nate Pann


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