Noh Hong Chul Shares Photos With BTS Just A Day After Running Into Jin, Proving He’s Just As Much A Fan Of Theirs As They Are Of His

Might there be a collab here?

Yesterday, after BTS‘s Jin got off work, he shared a photo with ARMY on Weverse. He decided to relax after his schedule with a bike ride.

Seokjinnie getting off work

— Jin

Jin | Weverse

Luckily for him, he got to run into one of his favorite celebrities while he was out bicycling! It was none other than Korean entertainer Noh Hong Chul.

As I was cycling getting off work I met Hong Chul hyung on the street

— Jin

Noh Hong Chul (left) and Jin (right) | Weverse

This is the same man that the BTS members imitated during their “Dynamite” B-side MV. They’re all fans of the variety show Infinite Challenge which he is a cast member of!

Even before we worked on this music video, it was a fad between us. We watched it and danced to it together.

— Jimin

It turns out Jin wasn’t the only one excited! Noh Hong Chul himself couldn’t stop sharing on social media afterward.

He reposted ARMYs’ posts about his and Jin’s meeting to his Instagram Stories. The feeling definitely is mutual here!

Noh Hong Chul’s Instagram Stories. | @rohongchul/Instagram

That’s not all either. He posted group photos to his feed too. He’s clearly just as big of a fan of BTS as they are of his!

A-YO! Jin Jin Jin~^^ the more I look at it, the more I realize it fits you guys the best!!!

— Noh Hong Chul

In his caption, he was referencing BTS’s parody of his iconic “gunshot” step. While he’s the OG, he believes it fits them even better!

From left: Jungkook, Jin, J-Hope, Noh Hong Chul, Suga, Jimin, RM, and V. | @rohongchul/Instagram

We can’t help but wonder now if this all means that Jin and Noh Hong Chul didn’t necessarily have just a chance encounter, as was implied by Jin’s Weverse post… Perhaps there’s actually a collaboration of some kind in the works!

| @rohongchul/Instagram

We can only imagine the fun we’ll get with this group. Whatever is up, we can’t wait for more interactions!

| @rohongchul/Instagram

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Source: @rohongchul