Nordstrom Gives ARMYs Sweet Treats And Drinks While Waiting For BTS’s Collection

They helped make the wait just a little sweeter.

As soon as fans got the news that BTS was releasing a collection at Nordstrom, ARMYs didn’t hesitate to head to multiple locations across the country to get their hands on the items.

BTS collection in Nordstrom. | @sarangtaaee/Twitter

Since there was so much demand for the collection and long lines, the staff helped make the experience a little less stressful with some sweet treats.


At one location, a thankful fan shared that the staff had handed out packages of colorful macarons to snack on. That wasn’t the only snack fans got their hands on.

A fan that visited a different Nordstrom location shared that they’d received some tasty buttery popcorn instead. With all these tasty snacks, they didn’t forget something to wash it all down with.

To make sure fans were keeping warm in the rainy weather, another Nordstrom handed out warm cups of hot chocolate to the ARMYs waiting outside.

Nordstrom made sure ARMYs were well-taken care of throughout the whole process, earning praise from fans for being organized and thoughtful.