North Korea and South Korea come to agreement: NO WAR

On August 25th, North Korea and South Korea reached an agreement amidst the recently escalating tension that has been surrounding the Korean Peninsula.

Kim Kwan Jin, the national security chief of South Korea, announced that South Korea will cease the propaganda broadcasts over the border on Tuesday and will get the previously demanded apology.

Yonhap News Agency reported that North Korea says it “regrets” that South Korean soldiers were injured by landmines and lifts its “semi-state of war” under an agreement by the two countries.

Kim further shared, “I wish that we can build the new South and North Korea relationship that our people (wish for) by sincerely carrying out the agreed issues and building trust through dialogue and cooperation. During the meeting, it is very meaningful in the aspect that the North apologized over the landmine incident and that they agreed on making efforts to prevent such incidents from reoccurring and easing tension.”

Additionally, the North confirmed this agreement through its state-run Korean Central News Agency.

Source: CNN and KCRA

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