North Korea Bans Laughing And More For 11 Days

You will be taken away if you flout the rules.

North Korea is reported to have banned laughing for 11 days, as part of a long mourning for the 10th death anniversary of their previous leader, Kim Jong Il. Not only has laughing been banned, but displays of happiness, shopping and drinking have also been banned.

Citizens are not allowed to partake in leisure activities, and on the day of the death anniversary itself, grocery stands are not allowed to operate either. People who do not look to be “sufficiently mourning” will also be penalized and taken away. Anyone seen to have been flouting these rules can be taken away without warning and treated as ideological criminals.

Kim Jong Il ruled North Korea from 1994 to 2011 before being succeeded by his youngest son, Kim Jong Un. His death is registered as December 17, 2011.


Source: News18