10,000 North Korean Students Turn Themselves In For Having Watched K-Drama

North Korea has strict laws against it.

It was reported by Gukmin Ilbo that 10,000 North Korean students had recently turned themselves in for having secretly watched South Korean dramas and movies. As it is a serious offence in North Korea if one gets caught, these students turned themselves in, in hopes to lighten the punishment.

According to an on-site informant, around 10,000 students had turned themselves in for having watched prohibited content. Around 5000 DVD players were also turned in. To receive a lighter punishment, one can admit their wrongdoings to the Societal Safety Center or Police Station. If one gets caught during a raid or otherwise, the punishment is severe. Sentences of up to 15 years in jail is possible for those who watch content by South Korea or view South Korean photos and books. If the South Korean language is used, up to 2 years of jail time will be served.

North Korea is known to strictly police the content its citizens consume. They strictly forbid content from the South from being spread and viewed. It is said that the North Korean leader, Kim Jung Un, has even begun cracking down on the casual dress of the youth in North Korea.


Source: Gukmin Ilbo