Noze Discusses Her 70x Advertisement Fee Increase Following Her “Street Woman Fighter” Popularity

It’s Noze’s world and we’re just living in it!

The dance competition program, Street Woman Fighter became an instant hit with the competitive atmosphere and amazing choreographies. Along with the show, some of the dancers also experienced popularity like no other—especially WAYB‘s Noze.

Dancer Noze | @noze_wayb/Instagram

The talented dancer recently appeared on Radio Star, where she discussed how her life changed after appearing on the Mnet competition program. She admitted that at first, there was no change in her lifestyle as she couldn’t recognize her popularity.

Dancer Noze: “There were no instances where I could feel the popularity.” | MBC

However, Noze shared with the panel of the show the exact moment she recognized the change, which involved her older brother.


My older brother is an office worker. One day, his co-workers asked him ‘hey is your last name Noh the same as Noze’s Noh?’ I guess he just sat there in silence for a bit before admitting that I was his younger sister. His co-workers said ‘what are you talking about?!’ because they didn’t believe him. I guess the rumor spread throughout his company and it became a big deal. So I signed a few autographs for him.

— Noze

The amazing WAYB dancer then dove into the more tangible changes in her life, which included her brand value. Noze revealed that she not only filmed 10 advertisements since the show’s conclusion, but that her appearance fee skyrocketed—by 70 times.

Caption: “An increase…of approximately 70 times!” | MBC

My advertisement fee multiplied by almost 70 times and I have filmed about 10 advertisements so far.

— Noze

However, it wasn’t just her monetary value that changed. The Street Woman Fighter participant revealed that the way she was treated changed drastically as well.


Before, I was cast as a dancer or an extra but now, I am the main character for the advertisements.

— Noze

Wow, those are some impressive changes! Congratulations to Noze and all of her well-deserved success! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the talented dancer.

In related news, Noze along with several other Street Woman Fighter dancers have been participating as judges in the teenage spin-off program, Street Dance Girls Fighter. The series premiered on November 30 and will air new episodes every Friday on Mnet.

Source: WikiTree