“Street Woman Fighter” WAYB’s Noze Met Up With Kang Hyewon — Here’s How The Friendship Started

Beauty queens!

Street Woman Fighter‘s Noze has been gaining popularity recently. However, it seems that not only is she raking in fans, she’s also collecting celebrity friends like no tomorrow! It was made known that Kang Hyewon and Noze had become friendly after Kang Hyewon had watched Noze’s Instagram live. She even left some comments.

  • “Really so pretty.”
  • “Gasp”
  • “Gasp really, I’m more of a fan of you!”
| carpe*diem_pretty/YouTube

The two met up afterwards it seems, for Kang Hyewon posted an Instagram story of the two of them together.

| @hyemhyemu/Instagram

Fans were surprised at the interaction.

  • “No but kkkk at this rate it almost seems like Kang Hyewon became a celebrity to make connections kkk”
  • “Look at how Noze’s cheeks are puffy from removing her wisdom teeth kkk”
  • “Why are all the comments here sounding so jealous of Kang Hyewon? They probably met cuz Noze’s schedules also matched up~”
| pann

What do you think of this surprising friendship?

Source: pann