A Rookie Boy Group Member Gets Exposed Clubbing And Smoking Right After Debut

The group barely debuted a month ago.

A rookie boy group member recently got “exposed” for going “clubbing” and smoking after making his debut.

n.SSign is a ten-member boy group under n.CH Entertainment that was formed through the survival show Stars Awakening. The group made their official debut on August 9 with “Wormhole.

On September 2, an X (formerly Twitter) user shared several photos and videos of what they alleged was group member Junhyeok at a club dancing to other K-Pop songs. According to the tweet, this occurred after the group’s debut showcase.

n.SSign’s Junhyeok | @nSSignofficial/Twitter

An idol goes clubbing after the debut showcase. #nSSIGN #nSSIGN #Junhyeon

— @VJo0L2hhb22081

Not long after, another X user shared alleged photos of Junhyeok outside smoking with a woman. They claimed that the member managed to do the group’s music show recording and fan sign before heading to a “hookup” or “hunting” bar, using the date the photo was taken as proof.

230818 Music Bank, check. Fansign, check. And then, later that same night, a hook-up bar, also check. LMAO. Wow, Junhyeok. You have so much energy.

— @algyeee123

| @algyeee123/Twitter
n.SSign appeared on MusicBank the same day the photos were taken. | @nSSignofficial/Twitter

The same account also shared a second photo showing the person alleged to be Junhyeok crouched outside smoking.

Which male idol went clubbing right after a music show and a fansign, and then smoked cigarettes surrounded by women?

— @algyeee123

| @algyeee123/Twitter

Junhyeok is 22 years old, meaning he is free to do as he pleases, an opinion that most international fans hold. However, as seen with recent issues, domestic fans can often feel very differently.