This Idol Group’s Official Notice Goes Viral For Ending Parasocialism In The Most Hilarious Way

They also exposed the extremities idols face.

Boy group NTX has been rising in popularity since their appearance on Peak Time. They made their debut in 2021 before appearing on the revival survival program in 2023.

With their newfound rise in popularity comes complications, such as an influx of fans in their fan cafe. Although they used to reply to their loyal fans often, as their fanbase grows, they may not be able to be mindful of all fans. Due to this, some fans have been expressing their disappointment in rude ways.

NTX | @ntx_official/Twitter

Although it is common for fans to joke about things such as “cheating” on their idol with other idols or acting jealous, NTX’s label was not having it. On March 30, they released an official notice that declared action against such fans.

Additional information added on March 30:

As the artistes have been communicating with NTFUL (fans) through platforms such as the fan cafe and Twitter mentions, an unspecified group of fans have been continuing to display behavior that could cause the artist to feel discomfort such as [sending] indecent content, attempting to befriend the artist or showing off a close relationship with the artist. Hence, we will be banning the use of private comments during the artists’ communicative events.

Comments like “I am upset at the artist, I hate you, do you not like me anymore, if you’re not going to do this for me, don’t do this for other fans,” and other similar phrases, and comments that contain threatening notes such as “I will like another idol instead, I may cheat on you,” because they do not reply, and of course, anything that can cause discomfort to other fans such as showing off a close relationship with the artist, will all be monitored strongly by us.

— @NTX_Official

The notice has gone viral on Twitter for the way they shut down all parasocialism. It also enlightened many about the tough job of an idol, having to take in all of such comments. It soon gained over 300,000 views.

Ah LOL this is kinda funny. It’s true that [those comments] are gross but is it something to be even pointed out so specifically, down to the wording, in an official notice LOL “I might cheat,” “I’ll switch to liking another idol,” “I hate you,” argh LOL. But why isn’t “I’m upset” acceptable?

— @fuckyourlifelk

The GF stans LOL

— @meng__question

Actually, this isn’t needed just for idols that aren’t famous, but for all groups. Stuff like this recently is getting severe.

— @kim10000mul

Being an idol is such an extreme job. If you’re mentally sick, please go to the mental hospital.

— @ddaannii_11

While the notice has become some sort of a meme, the truth is that many fans, especially those of less famous groups, put unrealistic expectations on their idols that should be kept in check. Kudos to NTX’s agency!