Netizens Notice Heartbreaking Similarities From NU’EST’s Final Album To Their Previous Releases

This hits home.

After their recent disbandment announcement, NU’EST‘s final release, The Best Album ‘Needle & Bubble,’ will be released on March 15. However, netizens have noticed some references to their previous albums that will tug on the heartstrings of any K-Pop fan.

Hello 2nd Mini Album (2013)
The Best Album ‘Needle & Bubble’ (2022)

The photos feature the members in the exact position as previous photoshoots from throughout the years.

Canvas (2016)
The Best Album ‘Needle & Bubble’ (2022)

The attention to detail is perfect with each member posing exactly how they were before.

Q is (2016)
The Best Album ‘Needle & Bubble’ (2022)

The extra thoughtful touch is like an ode to fans who have been with them throughout the years, commemorating their times together.

Happily Ever After (2019)
The Best Album ‘Needle & Bubble’ (2022)

While the photos might make even non-fans emotional, their is still a sense of happiness among longtime fans who are grateful for their memories.

The Table (2019)
The Best Album ‘Needle & Bubble’ (2022)

I love it so much which makes it even sadderㅠㅠㅠ still I will never regret anything!
Nu’lovelies who have given me nothing but happiness, thank you! 💖💖💖💖💖

— Netizen

The Nocturne (2020)
The Best Album ‘Needle & Bubble’ (2022)

Thank you for everything, NU’EST!