NU’EST Baekho Called BTS V An “Angel”, Here’s Why

“…He was like an angel.”

NU’EST Baekho expressed his gratitude towards BTS’ V for what he did at the 33rd Golden Disc Awards.


On January 23, Baekho held a live broadcast session and mentioned what had happened at the 33rd Golden Disc Awards on January 6. At the time, BTS’ V had come to NU’EST W’s rescue.

BTS V Comes To NU’EST W’s Rescue At Golden Disc Awards


With only three chairs between the four of them, the NU’EST W members eventually decided to seat two members and have two members standing. Watching them from the side, V went ahead and kindly brought an extra seat so that all the members could sit down.


Baekho explained their thought process at the time:

At the time, two of us were standing and two of us sat. There were 3 chairs. We had to sit but there were 4 of us so it would be weird if only 1 was standing. But we couldn’t all stand either. So we thought, what was the least weird position. We sit like that during interviews too. Two sit in the front and two stand. Then it looks like we sat like that on purpose.

ㅡ Baekho


He then stated that another singer (BTS’ V) came to their rescue and thanked him for it, calling him an angel.

Another singer brought us a chair and we were so thankful. While we were confused, he provided a solution…He was like an angel.

ㅡ Baekho


Fans also thanked V for his kindness and expressed their support for both teams.

  • “Thank you V-nim for bringing the chair for our NU’EST W squirrel brothers. Your live broadcast today reminded me of that day.”
  • “Thank you V-nim! We support BTS and NU’EST!”
  • “Thank you V-nim! Our Baekho is such a sweetie calling him an angel.”
  • “Angel V. Baekho acknowledged that V is an angel. We support you too!”
Source: Newsen