NU’EST’s JR Went To See His Birthday Ads… Again, This Year As A Bear

Happy birthday, JR!

Back in 2018, NU’EST‘s JR surprised his fans by going to see his ads in a Squirtle suit. His fans had a blast following JR all around Seoul, out to appreciate his own birthday celebrations on the subway billboards.


Fans wondered if JR would do the same for his birthday in 2019 – and JR didn’t disappoint. He hinted that he’ll be out and about again by posting this “JR Tour Season 2” flag on his Instagram account. The caption read, “Let’s go!” and the fans knew immediately that JR had something special planned.

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레츠 ~ 꼬

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This is the same “heads-up” that JR gave the fans in 2018.


Soon, JR was spotted by L.O.V.Es around the city, in this adorable teddy bear costume. He was seen yet again completely enchanted by his birthday ad in the subway station. JR stood in front of the birthday message for a long time, taking in the endless amount of love and support his fans have for him.


Likewise, fans deeply appreciated JR’s effort to really celebrate the special day together with the fans. Seeing him go around Seoul in this full bear costume, when the weather wasn’t easy on him, L.O.V.Es realized JR really does love them 3000!


JR was also seen dropping by the Spoonz Store, an offline shop selling their partnering Spoonz brand’s goods, and getting some birthday shopping done too. And L.O.V.Es couldn’t handle anymore of this cuteness overload!


JR wrapped up the celebration by posting a grateful message to the fans. He said he was healed by the fans’ support – but the fans were equally healed by JR’s special event too. NU’EST and L.O.V.Es are truly good for each other!

I’ve been healed by L.O.V.Es today! Thank you for celebrating with me~ I love you all!

— JR


Here’s a video capturing “JR Tour Season 2” so you too can celebrate JR’s birthday!