NU’EST’s JR To Make His Acting Debut In An Upcoming Romantic K-Drama

Will this be the second “You’re Beautiful”?

NU’EST‘s JR (also known as Jonghyun) will be making his first-ever K-Drama debut! This comes as a surprise for many fans. Previously, fellow group member Minhyun starred in his first leading role in Live On.

According to Pledis Entertainment, JR has confirmed his role in a drama slated for broadcast in the latter half of 2021. The drama, I Will Become Your Night (literal title) is about a global star, Lee Shin, that secretly has a sleepwalking illness. Lee Shin is an idol in a famous band, LUNA. In order to treat him, a private doctor moves into the dorm along with Lee Shin and his group mates.

Lee Shin is a free spirit but also a romantic at heart, who will give his all when he falls in love. He is a bassist in the band. He particularly has many nuna fans, and lives a life as a well-loved star. However, what will happen when he falls into a secret relationship?

The drama is written as a “sweet yet savage romance involving mental illness and its treatment.” While it sounds a little reminiscent of 2009’s You’re Beautiful with Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye, we absolutely can’t wait for this to air!

Source: Star Today