NU’EST’s Minhyun Admires EXO’s Baekhyun So Much, He Sought Out His Vocal Trainer

Minhyun is a huge fan of Baekhyun!

NU’EST‘s Minhyun recently revealed to fans that he’s working hard to improve his singing and that part of this process was locating the right vocal teacher.

Hwang Minhyun from NU’EST. | @optimushwang/Instagram

Minhyun debuted in 2012 with NU’EST and then again in 2018 with WANNA ONE. He’s captivated fans with his talents for years, but he’s still aiming to improve! During a VLIVE, Minhyun explained why he’s started taking vocal lessons again.

I take vocal lessons because I want to master a way of singing that doesn’t strain my throat. I want to be able to sing complete songs by myself, like I want to be good at singing live. So to do that successfully, I figured I need to change some things around. I’m working really hard to learn it right.

— Minhyun


He then gave fans a little TMI and revealed that his vocal coach is the same one that teaches EXO‘s Baekhyun!

And this is, I guess, a bit of information you didn’t ask for… but I love Baekhyun hyung’s style of singing. So I’ve tracked down his vocal trainer and signed myself up for lessons.

— Minhyun


Minhyun has spoken about being a fan of Baekhyun’s multiple times, and often plays his music during his livestreams! One time he played Baekhyun and NCT Doyoung‘s remake of the 2001 song “Doll,” which he said was already a song he liked, but he’d been listening to it recently due to the remake.

And last year, Minhyun played Baekhyun’s song “Candy” during a livestream and even sang along to it!

While fans already love Minhyun’s voice as it is, it’s undeniably inspiring to see him continue to work hard and make efforts to improve. Check out NU’EST’s most recent title track, “Inside Out,” below!

Source: VLIVE and Instagram