NU’EST Minhyun Tested For COVID-19 After Concerns Claiming He May Have Caught The Virus In Italy

He had attended the same event as Chungha’s team.

NU’EST‘s Minhyun had recently traveled to Milano, Italy for fashion week, and many were concerned that his team and he may have contracted the coronavirus,  COVID-19.

Chungha‘s team had also traveled to the same area and two staff members were confirmed to have tested positive for the virus. As Italy has the most cases in all of Europe so far, many were concerned for Minhyun’s safety and health.

Pledis Entertainment reassured fans that Minhyun had been tested for the virus, and the results were negative.

Minhyun and all of the staff who went to Italy did not show any signs of the coronavirus but were tested as a precaution. The results came out as negative.

We will not schedule any activities for the time being for their safety.

— Pledis Entertainment

South Korea has become the second country with the highest reported cases of the coronavirus, while Italy reports higher percentage of death rates than South Korea so far.

As everyone tries to prevent further outbreak of the pandemic, it is best for everyone’s safety to refrain from high external activity in infected countries.

Source: Osen, Xports News and World O Meter