NU’EST’s Aron And Jake Gyllenhaal Trick Tom Holland Into Thinking Koala Cafés Exist In Korea

“Yup. You get tea and hang out with Koalas.” — Jake Gyllenhaal

Kakao Page’s official YouTube channel recently shared an interview with Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal conducted by none other than NU’EST‘s Aron.

In the midst of chatting about their Spiderman film, Aron and Jake Gyllenhaal started getting playful and tricked Tom Holland about the cafés in Korea.

Jake Gyllenhaal began the prank by mentioning, “I love coffee, so I’ve been going around looking for delicious coffee shops.” And in response, Aron added, “The café culture in Korea is huge” with a very serious look on his face.

After checking out Tom Holland’s reaction, Jake Gyllenhaal shared that he even visited a sheep café and a cat café during his stay in Korea.

That’s when Aron decided to trick Tom Holland by adding, “I think I’ve heard about there being Koala cafés in Korea as well.

Tom Holland was very shocked by this and he expressed his excitement by asking, “Are they real Koalas? Can we go see them? I’ve never seen them in real life before.

Watch Tom Holland’s adorable reaction Aron’s prank below:

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