Fans Defend “Nugu” Boy Group Facing Payola Accusations After Blocking ILLIT’s Realtime All-Kill

Charts are often subject to many different factors.

In late March, BE:LIFT Lab‘s girl group ILLIT made their debut following the successful survival show R U NEXT?


ILLIT’s title track, “Magnetic,” is a catchy and fun song, which has been reflected in the group’s chart performance.  Since its release, the song has remained at the top of many of Korea’s charts, making them the first-ever girl group to debut on Spotify’s Global Chart the same day as its release.

ILLIT have also made big moves on Billboard‘s charts, ranking on multiple.

On April 9, KST, the group were very close to achieving a Realtime All Kill, or RAK. A RAK occurs when a group’s song hits #1 on all the “real-time” or hourly music charts.

However, the group ranked number 2 on the Bugs chart, shocking many fans.

Sometimes, popular solo singers will rank higher than K-Pop groups, but in this case, a boy group caused the lower rank!

In 2017, the boy group ONF debuted under WM Entertainment before its acquisition by RBW.


The group has remained active through the years, drawing attention with their appearance on Road To Kingdom and how they handled their military enlistments. ONF has since returned to activities, including their most recent release, “Bye My Monster.”

“Bye My Monster” is the track that ranked #1 over “Magnetic,” leading a small minority to make allegations against ONF’s success. Some claimed that ” payola ” led to the “nugu” group’s #1, which fans defended against as the group are not actually as “nugu” or unknown as reactions implied.

Luckily, most know that the charts constantly change, especially with new releases. ILLIT have since gotten their RAK, as well!

Congratulations to both of these talented groups for their chart success!

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