“Number 9” Cho Gue Sung’s “Angelic” Explanation For Why We Have Indents On Our Upper Lips Go Viral

“He’s basically 7 years old.”

Heartthrob footballer Cho Gue Sung is going viral for his explanation as to why humans are born with an indented philtrum.

Cho Gue Sung | Yahoo

The philtrum, also known as an infranasal depression is the vertical groove on the upper lip. According to science, it really serve no purpose.

Philtrum | Health Jade

So why do humans have them? According to Cho Gue Sung, the reason is much more lovely than you’d think.

On December 7, a Twitter user uploaded a video of the athlete. In the clip, Cho Gue Sung is seen expaining why humans are born with an indented philtrum.

Guys… Watch Cho Gue Sung say babies are born with an indented philtrum because angels press their fingers on babies’ mouths, so they stay quiet about meeting them in heaven… He’s cute AF. He’s basically 7 years old.

— @Moongiee_/Twitter

In the video, Cho Gue Sung is seen explaining that angels are the reason why humans are born with a philtrum.

Cho Gue Sung placing his finger on his philtrum | @Moongiee_/Twitter

Do you know why the philtrum goes in like this? It’s because when babies are born, angels go like this, ‘SHHH’ (places finger on his philtrum), so they (babies) stay quiet about seeing angels in heaven.

— Cho Gue Sung

Netizens fawned over Cho Gue Sung’s explanation. Many couldn’t help but express their adoration for the footballer.

  • “Crazy, LOL. He’s so cute.”
  • “The fact that he says it so matter-of-factly makes him even cuter.”
  • “So cute, LOL.”
  • “I love you! How many times must I confess for you to hear me? ㅠ.”
  • “Ha… He’s so cute.”
  • “How do I feel about a man who talks about this with a straight face? What do you mean, ‘how do I feel?’ I’m crazy about him.”
Source: theqoo
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