“Nut Rage” Heiress Cho Hyun Ah Accused Of Physically Assaulting Husband

He was strangled with something and had blood on his face as well.

The “nut rage” heiress of Korean Air and Hanjin Group, who is currently going through a divorce, has been accused of physically assaulting her husband and children.


Her husband, Park, has submitted images that contain the aftermath of the physical assaults as proof.


He had apparently been strangled with something and there was blood on his face as well.


His big toe had also been severely injured as if it had been hit by something.


According to Park, Cho Hyun Ah had thrown a tablet PC at him, which resulted in the injury.


Park claims that he was physically and verbally assaulted on a regular basis. A video shows various thrown items around the house and Cho Hyun Ah can be heard screaming, “It’s because you keep saying b*llsh*t! Because you keep saying b*llsh*t!!!” 


An alleged recording of Cho shows her saying, “Die! Die! Die!! Go to h*ll!” at her husband when he asks what it is that he could do.

Park has filed a formal complaint against Cho and has claimed that he was physically assaulted 4 times in 2016. He also claimed that she assaulted her children as well.


Cho Hyun Ah has responded by stating that the current status of their marriage is a result of Park’s addition to alcohol and drugs, and indifference and negligence to their children. Moreover, she claimed that her husband was creating false information to obtain an advantageous position when it comes to alimony. She also explained that she has not abused her children and has done her best to care for them.


Meanwhile, her mother has also been accused of abusing her Filipino housekeeper and faces trials for illegally employing overseas workers.

Matriarch Of Korean Air Accused Of Abusing Her Filipino Housekeeper


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