I.O.I’s Choi Yoojung talks about going to the bathroom on “Vitamin”

On the March 19th episode of KBS2 TV’s “Vitamin,” rookie girl group member Choi Yoojung of I.O.I commented on what it’s like when she goes to the bathroom.

As this week’s show was on the topic of diseases related to defecation, the guests were asked to draw a picture of what it looks like when they defecate. In the photos below from when the show aired, Yoojung can be seen holding up a picture of feces with a spot of blood.

When asked about why she drew a spot of blood next to the feces she answered that when she goes to the bathroom, there is always blood there as well. The doctor present on the show then revealed that seeing blood in stool is a common symptom of having a torn anus.

Despite the topic of this week’s “Vitamin,” Yoojung made her debut earlier this month with girl group I.O.I after competing on Mnet’s “Produce 101” and becoming one of the top 11 contestants. I.O.I made their debut with the title track, “Dream Girls,” which has a cute, innocent, and bright concept.

I.O.I Choi Yoojung - KBS2 TV "Vitamin" - TV Report/Nate News
Source: TV Report

Source: TV Report