I.O.I’s Somi Just Received Some Exciting News From JYP Entertainment

Somi may have one less thing to worry about after I.O.I’s disbandment, having received this piece of good news from JYP Entertainment.

I.O.I will meet their fans for the last time through their Time Slip concert on January 20th to 22nd. The concert will mark their last activity as a group before they disband and each of the members set to return to their respective agencies after.

One of the questions that lingered was about Somi’s future under JYP Entertainment. Initially, it was reported that she would have to return to trainee status once her promotions under I.O.I ended.

A recent report has confirmed, however, that Somi may not have to return as a trainee after she secured a contract as an artist under the agency. She is set to prepare for her own activities once her run as a member of I.O.I ends. What these activities entail has not yet been disclosed, but many fans are still holding out hope that Somi may be TWICE‘s rumored tenth member.

Prior to her signing with JYP Entertainment, Somi went into two audition programs twice and vowed never to join one again. It was only when she won a place on Produce 101 that Somi was able to finally debut as an artist.

Source: OSEN