K-Drama “The Uncanny Counter” Undergoes A Sudden Switch In Screenwriter After A “Disagreement” On The Show’s Direction

The final four episodes is to be written by someone else.

According to an exclusive report from SPOTV NEWS, OCN‘s record-breaking weekend K-Drama The Uncanny Counter has recently undergone a switch in its screenwriter…

“The Uncanny Counter” poster. | @OCN_ORIGINAL/Twitter

… after the original screenwriter and the production staff could not come to an agreement on how to wrap up the series. While The Uncanny Counter is based on a DAUM webtoon, the television adaption is adding its own tweaks to the plot.

“The Uncanny Counter” original. | Daum Webtoon

The report revealed that the screenwriter Yeo Ji Na, who wrote the first 12 episodes, has withdrawn from The Uncanny Counter team. This switch, now assumed to have been settled when The Uncanny Counter skipped a week of airing back in December 2020, is already in full effect.

Screenwriter Yeo Ji Na | MBC

An insider commented that while Yeo Ji Na and the production staff strongly disagreed on how the series should end, she left the team on good terms.

It was not a serious disagreement. She left the team after having a professional, thorough conversation with the staff. She did so in the best interest of the show.

— Insider

The Uncanny Counter team expects to onboard a new screenwriter soon, who will then carry out the remaining episodes. Meanwhile, the viewers are “already seeing the difference” in the latest episode, “temporarily to have been written by the show’s current producer Yoo Sun Dong.


They remain curious as to how he and the new screenwriter will lead the series to its finale.

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Source: SPOTV, NamuWiki and theqoo