This ONCE Met TWICE In The Most Random Place, Here’s Their Story

How lucky is this ONCE?

It’s not uncommon for idols to do “normal” activities when they’re currently not promoting, but for one lucky ONCE, he got got first hand experience about how “stars are just like us!”

The ONCE had on a whim decided to go the gym to get some exercise, and during his time exercising her noticed two familiar women also working out…Dahyun and Jeongyeon of TWICE!

Being a huge TWICE fan, he had to get a picture, to which TWICE gracefully agreed to. He later posted his photos to his social media, gushing the even without makeup, the girls’ visuals were even prettier than what we see on TV.

Fellow ONCEs, of course, were extremely jealous of the ONCE lucking out and meeting TWICE just out of no where.

Also, in true ONCE fashion, the jokes and memes came rolling in as well! They especially joked about the ONCE finding something “extremely rare” – namely, Jeongyeon (who is known for not liking working out) being at the gym!

Here’s a few of our favorite responses from Twitter:

We’re definitely going to start going to join the “ONCE fitness party” if this is what happens when working out!