It’s Official, Microsoft Windows Is An NCT Renjun Stan And Fans Want To See A Partnership

“Renjun brand ambassador when?”
From left to right: Mark, Renjun, Jisung, Jaemin, Jeno, Chenle, Haechan. | @nct_dream/Instagram

NCT DREAM‘s photoshoots from their Hello Future album are stunning — but fans were quick to make a connection between the picturesque background and the default home screen for Microsoft Windows!

The default landscape wallpaper from Windows XP.

This user compared this photo of Renjun to the iconic Microsoft background.

And the official Twitter account for Windows replied!

| @Windows/Twitter

The whole interaction was too cute, with Windows praising Renjun’s visuals.

| Twitter

They even referenced the lyrics from NCT DREAM’s “BOOM!”

| Twitter

Fast forward to a month later, and the same user tweeted at Windows again asking why they haven’t made Renjun the default background yet.

| @DI0RW00/Twitter

Windows replied with a picture of Renjun as their wallpaper!

| @Windows/Twitter

This isn’t even the first time the Windows Twitter account has shown they stan Renjun. Back in September of 2020 when NCT 2020 were doing their livestream, one fan tweeted in frustration when their computer started acting up.

| @d0nctzen/Twitter

Windows replied saying at least they can still admire Renjun’s visuals!

| @Windows/Twitter

Fans have been tweeting at the Windows account asking when they can expect to see Renjun as a brand ambassador!

They even asked if the admin is a “Renchin,” a nickname for Renjun’s fans!

Hopefully Windows can get noticed by their fave soon!


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