Officials From EXO‘s Concert Venue Confirmed Cancellations And Fans Are Devastated

SM Entertainment better have a good reason

EXO-Ls have been holding their breath for any news regarding EXO‘s EXO Planet 5 tour and now they have an answer. The officials from KSPO Dome, where the concert was scheduled to be held in February, confirmed the event has been canceled by SM Entertainment.

EXO-Ls already knew KSPO Dome was going to hear from SM Entertainment about the final decision on January 23 KST. Fans tried to stay optimistic and crossed their fingers to hear good news they were waiting for a long time. But, it seems like their high hopes have been shut down until further notice.

When a brave fan asked KSPO Dome Official Kakotalk help chat about the concert again, the venue confirmed the SM Entertainment has canceled the event.

Although many fans suspected the outcome for a while, it stilled angered many fans. EXO-Ls have been saving money for the concert tickets and goods while planning new surprise events for the members. SM’s lack of communication makes the situation even worse since fans have no idea what is going to happen next. Many fans are now hoping the concert has been pushed back to April like the rumors but the only thing they can do is to wait until SM Entertainment is ready to release a statement.


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