OG Hallyu Celebrity Jung Yong Hwa Declares He Will No Longer Accept Gifts From Fans

He no longer wants gifts from fans.

OG musician and actor of the Hallyu wave, Jung Yong Hwa just took to his Instagram account to declare that he will no longer accept gifts from fans.

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His full post reads as follows:

Hello, everyone. This is Jung Yong Hwa. During my years in the industry, I’ve received many gifts from my fans.

I was always thankful to receive so much of your love…! But from now on, I’d like to only accept your good sentiments and stop accepting material gifts!

I made this decision because I want you to spend that money on yourself, not me!! Please stop sending me material gifts and simply cheer me on with louder voices!!!!!!! Then I’ll repay you even more! Thank you, everyone! Please stay healthy!!!

— Jung Yong Hwa

| @jyheffect0622/Instagram

Jung Yong Hwa debuted with CNBLUE back in 2009, and in addition to his successful music career, he rose to stardom as a Hallyu star after appearing in the hit drama, SBS‘s You’re Beautiful in 2009.

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11 years later, Jung Yong Hwa is still loved by countless fans, but it appears he is looking out for his fans and their generosity in light of the current circumstances around the world.

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Props to Jung Yong Hwa for always putting fans first!

| @jyheffect0622/Instagram

No wonder everybody loves him.

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