OG Heartthrob Singer Is Reportedly Getting Married

Congratulations to the couple!

Ballad singer Tei is reported to be getting married.

Tei |

On April 17, JTBC reported that Tei would be getting married at a golf course in Gyeongi-do on May 29.

According to the report, Tei’s bride is a non-celebrity who has been dating the singer for a long time. It’s reported that Tei has been sharing the news of his engagement with his close acquaintances. An insider stated that the two have dated for a long time, during which the singer introduced his girlfriend to his acquaintances.

The good-looking couple has dated for a long time. (Tei) introduced his girlfriend to his acquaintances since they had started dating, and now they have decided to get married.

— Tei

As for the interesting choice of wedding venue, it’s reported that the couple decided to get married at a golf course due to Tei recently falling in love with the sport.

Tei (third from left) with his friends | @kim_hokyoung/Instagram

Tei debuted in 2004 and rose to stardom behind his hit ballads, “Love Leaves Its Scent…” “Love is One,” “Thorn Tree That Loved Yearning,” among others. Recently, Tei launched his own hamburger franchise that has been very well received.

Stay tuned for updates.

Source: jtbc
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