Former Idol Ha Joo Yeon Reveals She Now Works At A Café For $8 An Hour

“My agency said they’d contact me, but they haven’t.”

Ha Joo Yeon is best known as Baby G, a former member of the veteran idol group, Jewelry. She recently appeared on the YouTube channel, Update Olympics in a video titled, “Update of Former Jewelry Member. Why You Haven’t Seen Her Lately”.

Ha Joo Yeon rose to stardom after joining Jewelry back in 2008 and performing hit songs such as “One More Time”.

“Inkigayo” | SBS

And regarding her days as an idol, Ha Joo Yeon revealed that she was very busy.

We had to do 6 to 7 events a day during those days. We even rode in a helicopter once. I’d get into the car and close my eyes to find myself in Daegu, Jeonju, or Busan. Then we’d sing, dance, greet fans, then get back home. That was my lifestyle for a year.

— Ha Joo Yeon

Ha Joo Yeon left Jewelry in 2014 but continued activities in various projects, such as Mnet‘s Show Me The Money 5 and Unpretty Rapstar 3.

However, Ha Joo Yeon confessed that she hasn’t been able to obtain any jobs in entertainment these days, so she’s been working at a café for minimum wage.

I started working at a café since the year before last. I quit last year, but I’m going for another interview later because I haven’t been able to find entertainment work. I’d work 8 to 9 hours a day, and get paid ₩1.00 million KRW (about $884 USD) a month because it’s minimum wage.

— Ha Joo Yeon

But despite her struggles with finding work, Ha Joo Yeon expressed that she’s still interested in working in entertainment.

In the entertainment field, if you don’t have work coming in, you have to take a break. And my parents are sick, so I’ve been off social media for a year. But I tried. I even visited my agency personally and asked for work. They said they’d contact me, but they haven’t. I’m still interested in entertainment though.

— Ha Joo Yeon

Despite the many difficulties she’s currently facing, Ha Joo Yeon continues to inspire others by doing what she needs to make ends meet during her involuntary hiatus from the entertainment company.

Here’s to hoping she gets cast on future projects so she can blossom in doing what she does best!

Watch the full interview below:

Source: Insight