OG “Ulzzang” Han Su Hyun Is Suspected Of Calling Out Kang Min Kyung Amid Controversy

Kang Min Kyung is currently facing backlash for allegedly underpaying employees.

YouTuber Han Su Hyun, who gained fame as one of the original Ulzzangs (influencers who gained fame for their looks), allegedly called out Kang Min Kyung amid her ongoing controversy over underpaying her employees.

Han Su Hyun | @hansuhyun_/Instagram

Han Su Hyun recently uploaded an Instagram story in which she called out a famous celebrity.

A keyboard warrior who wrote malicious comments about me became a famous celebrity, but I guess people don’t change.

— Han Su Hyun

| @hansuhyun_/Instagram

Netizens alleged the former ulzzang star was calling out Kang Min Kyung due to the fact that Kang Min Kyung had allegedly prior apologized for writing malicious comments about the influencer before becoming a celebrity.

According to news reports, Kang Min Kyung once had written that Han Su Hyun “Looked cheap,” along with other demeaning comments. According to reports, Kang Min Kyung had written the comments when she was still a trainee and prior to debuting.

Kang Min Kyung | @iammingki/Instagram

Kang Min Kyung is currently facing a considerable backlash due to allegations that she overworked her employees while allegedly paying them considerably less than industry norms.

The controversy took place when a job post for Kang Min Kyung’s fashion brand Àvie Muah went viral. Kang Min Kyung has since responded to the controversy stating that the compensation listed on the original job post mistakenly reflected the compensation given to an entry-level employee.

Netizens Criticize Kang Min Kyung’s Response To Controversy Over Her Employee’s Salaries


Source: sbs news