Oh My Girl Refuse To Visit Arin’s Room All Because Of The Color Pink

They have very different opinions on the color pink:

Oh My Girl may be like real-life sisters with a completely unshakable bond but when it comes to the color pink…well…not even the closest siblings can agree on everything, right?

Sitting down with Esquire and covering a wide range of topics, Arin revealed some intriguing TMI tidbits including one story about the first time her members visited her place and why they’ve never really visited since.

| ESQUIRE Korea/YouTube

Diving into the topic of housing, Arin revealed how it really feels living alone for the first time. As Oh My Girl currently live separately but in the same building, Arin explained there were both ups and downs, “We used to live together in the same house. Now we live together in the same building but everyone has their own place so it feels like we still live together and live apart at the same time. It has its good points but I kind of feel lonely as it’s just me.”

With all the members living together in one building, you might expect the members to visit each other often and while that’s certainly true, Arin laughingly admitted that her members really dislike coming to her room.

In fact, the first time they visited they left straight away! “When they came for the first time, they freaked out and left,” she revealed.

The reason behind their quick exit and refusal to visit? Well, that’s all thanks to Arin’s great love of the color pink! As her members strongly dislike the color she further explained, “I am the only one who likes pink in our group. Everyone walked out and said they would never come back since I decorated my room pink.”

Although they may completely disagree about the color pink (and even refuse frequent visits to Arin’s place because of it), Oh My Girl’s bond is still as unshakable as ever! Hear how Arin frightened her members away from her room with her love of pink or discover other TMI news below: