Oh My Girl’s Binnie Is So Distant From Her Brother, She Didn’t Even Know He Enlisted In The Military

Everyone on the show was so shocked!

Oh My Girl‘s Binnie was peak sibling energy when she shared exactly how little she knows about her older brother!

Recently, Binnie, Hyojung, and Jiho made a guest appearance on Mnet’s TMI NEWS and talked about their siblings.

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The members shared how they bond with their siblings, with Hyojung revealing that she went on a trip with her older sister, who looked exactly like her!

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Jiho also shared how close she is to her younger brother, adding that he recently asked for her autograph to give to his friends.

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But as everyone shared how close they were to their siblings, Binnie’s hilarious story about her sibling relationship with her brother (or lack thereof) brought laughter as she commented,

I have an older brother but we don’t really contact each other. I heard from my mom that my brother was enlisting in the military.

I didn’t even know that he had plans or was even going to the military.


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Jun Hyun Moo, one of the hosts of the show, poked fun by joking about how he could probably be out of the military by now, and Binnie would never know!

He could be preparing to discharge now, who knows!

—Jun Hyun Moo

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Netizens that had siblings could relate to her situation.

  • “I guess it doesn’t matter if your sister is a K-Pop idol, siblings will be siblings”.
  • “This is how real siblings are”.
  • “It’s just like that at my house too”.
  • “She’s showing the reality of siblings just as it is”.
Binnie left), her older brother right) | Insight Korea

Oh My Girl recently made a comeback with the mini-album Dear OhMyGirl, and accompanying title track “Dun Dun Dance”.

Watch the MV for it here!

Source: Insight Korea


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