OH MY GIRL Opens Up About “Dun Dun Dance” And Their Favorite Tracks On “Dear OHMYGIRL”

They worked hard on this album.

Recently, OH MY GIRL released their 8th mini-album, Dear OHMYGIRL, on May 10. In an interview with StyleCaster, the members opened up about their thoughts on the title track, “Dun Dun Dance,” and their favorite tracks off the album.

Their newest title track, “Dun Dun Dance,” is a strong follow up to their last comeback with the pop hit “Nonstop,” and the members revealed how they think the new song embodies the spirit of OH MY GIRL.

Rather than drawing a distinction between similar music and attempts for new things, we wanted to show the present OH MY GIRL as much as possible. Thankfully, this album named Dear OHMYGIRL tells more stories of our own like the name itself and allows us to reflect on ourselves. We are so happy and thankful for that.


Mimi. | WM Entertainment.

For YooA, “Dun Dun Dance” was another way of solidifying OH MY GIRL’s identity through their music while trying something new.

Making music that is much loved is preferable but we wanted the identity of OH MY GIRL to be firmly rooted in our music. Rather than continuing to do similar things, we will always take on challenges and go on a new path and wish to carry on with what our fans like about us while doing so.


YooA. | WM Entertainment.

Binnie agreed: she felt like “Dun Dun Dance” wasn’t trying to emulate the same sound as “Nonstop”–rather, it was a song that represented the group the best at this point in this career.

Rather than thinking that we should do music similar to the last one, we wanted to do a song that would best represent us, no matter what music we were doing. We took a long time to prepare for this album, keeping in mind that we have to give our fans really good music.


Binnie. | WM Entertainment.

Then, the girls went on to share their favorite tracks off the new album and why they like they chose it!

Both Jiho and Binnie chose the song “Invitation.”

It’s hard to choose because I like all tracks but it’d be “Invitation” for me! Personally, I really like the melody. I also like each member’s vocal timbre in this song so I recommend “Invitation.”


Jiho. | WM Entertainment.

I also like “Invitation!” The melody is easy to listen to and I’m drawn to the part where the members exchange back and forth which I find very unique and attractive.


Hyojung. | WM Entertainment.

For Hyojung, her favorite track is the soft and sweet “Dear You.”

It’s “Dear You.” I feel like the message of the lyrics is for us. I hope that you can listen to the song thinking about people who are precious to you.


Arin. | WM Entertainment.

Arin picked “Quest” as her favorite because it highlights all the members’ vocal skills!

I listen to “Quest” the most. The song shows each member’s charming voice well and makes you want to keep listening to the song.


Seunghee. | WM Entertainment.

You can check out the music video for their newest title song, “Dun Dun Dance,” below.

Source: StyleCaster