Oh My Girl Confesses That They Almost Disbanded 3 Years Ago Before Their Popularity Soared

They could’ve disbanded 3 years ago.

Oh My Girl is one of the most popular girl groups now, but it didnt go so smoothly for them when they first came out.

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In a recen interview with Marie Claire, members, Seunghee and Binnie spoke up about the break they took after the release of “Coloring Book” back in 2017.

Seunghee shared that they were warned that they would disband if their upcoming album didn’t succeed.

They said Oh My Girl would disband if the album we were preparing at the time didn’t do well.

— Seunghee and Binnie

Accoring to the members, everyone went through a rough period at the thought that they could possibly disband.

Luckily, the new album they released was “Secret Garden”, which gave Oh My Girl their first 1st place win since their debut.

Their popularity has been on the rise ever since with more viral hits such as “Nonstop”, “Dolphin”, and “BUNGEE”.

When asked about how they endured their hard times, Seunghee and Binnie showed love for their fellow members.

We comforted each other as members and got through it.

— Seunghee and Binnie

Here’s hoping it only continues to get better for Oh My Girl!

They certainly deserve it.

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