Oh My Girl’s Hyojung And Binnie Wanted To Drink On Camera, And Their Manager Could Not Be More Stressed

Their manager’s reaction is everything!

Oh My Girl‘s Hyojung and Binnie unintentionally stressed out their manager when they innocently asked her if they could drink on camera!

Binnie and Hyojung

Hyojung and Binnie are currently hosting their very own show titled Hyojung And Binnie’s Sweet House on Dum Dum Studio, and have so far hosted their members Seunghee and Mimi, and also MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul as guests!

Hyojung, Mimi and Binnie | @wm_ohmygirl/Instagram

On the latest episode of the show, the two idols brought up their owed gifts from the management team of the show, referencing an earlier episode where they won against them in a game!

The producers underestimated us too much, so the game was too easy!


Hyojung and Binnie both asked for one wish each, and their wishes were an oven and a fridge that is full of treats, respectively!

In this episode, the girls asked the producers for their gifts, and they pointed towards a large pile covered with a heavy black cloth, underneath which was a toaster oven and a minifridge full of drinks!

As they inspected the drinks, Binnie pulled out an alcohol drink, much to Hyojung’s excitement! Hyojung immediately turned to their manager and asked,

Is this alcohol?


When their manager nodded, Hyojung then asked the most important question, can they drink this on camera?

It looks great! So…can I drink?


Their manager’s reaction said it all!

Watch this hilarious moment here!