Oh My Girl’s Jiho Praised by Fans for Her Extreme COVID-19 Protective Equipment

Better safe than sorry, right?

Oh My Girl‘s Jiho was recently spotted at one of her schedules, and fans couldn’t help but notice her extreme COVID-19 protective equipment.

Just last week, Jiho displayed the measures she’s been taking against the virus despite the social distancing measures coming to an end in Korea.

Although many people in Korea have been putting down their guards with dramatically lowered numbers of COVID-19 cases in Korea, Jiho made it clear that she takes the precautions very seriously.

In the photos taken by fans, Jiho can be seen wearing a mask as well as a plastic cover on top in addition to her gloves.

Jiho, who was equipped with more protective equipment than the average person, still smiled brightly and waved to all her fans.

After seeing Jiho’s unique appearance, fans have been responding with comments such as “She’s actually so freaking cute“, “I love you, Jiho!“, “Unnie, how are you so adorable?

Better safe than sorry, right?

Everyone should deal with COVID-19 like Jiho!

Source: Insight