OH MY GIRL Members Get Brutally Honest Calling Out A Member Who Never Responds To Text Messages

It makes them “frustrated to death.”

Recently, the members of OH MY GIRL told the unfiltered truth about one another—including the member who continuously checks social media but never responds to text messages.

OH MY GIRL members | @wm_ohmygirl/Instagram

On the recent episode of JTBC‘s Knowing Bros, OH MY GIRL promoted the recently released 9th mini-album Golden Hourglass. During the episode, OH MY GIRL’s Hyojung was asked to share her struggles as the leader. She explained that she gets frustrated when communication is needed between the members and the company—but not every member responds fast.

When the company says there’s something to organize, I relay it to the members. Then each member gives their opinions, and I compile them and send them to the company. But there are members who don’t respond right away.

— Hyojung


In response, the hosts started jokingly asking which member Hyojung could be referring to. Then their senior Kim Heechul jokingly suggested that she should scold them for not replying. Upon hearing Kim Heechul’s suggestion, member Arin playfully said, “Heechul, be quiet,” indirectly admitting to being the member in question.


The OH MY GIRL members then revealed that Arin does look at her phone often—she just doesn’t check the messaging app often. Hyojung said with a jokingly bothered face that she constantly uploads on social media but doesn’t reply.

She doesn’t read texts, but she keeps posting on social media.

— Hyojung


Heechul then sided with Arin and said that some people dread responding to text messages. He also suggested that perhaps it’s not Arin texting late, but it’s Hyojung who is just a “boomer.”

They’re not just reading or not reading texts—they might just dread the act of texting. Or as you saw earlier, Hyojung may just be a real boomer.

— Hyojung

It then became a mini-debate as the topic shifted to how Hyojung is a “boomer”—or 꼰대 (“ggondae”), which describes someone who is usually old, strict, and old-fashioned. Arin shared that Hyojung speaks to her like a boomer because she is older than her. Hyojung is five years older than Arin.

Unnie says things about age like, ‘When I was your age, I used to run around’ or ‘When I was your age, I used to never get any sleep.’

— Arin


Other members chimed in, and YooA shared that Hyojung can hold a double standard during practices.

When we practice, she is sometimes late or absent. But to us, she says if we’re late again, she won’t let it slide.

— YooA


On the other hand, Mimi supported Hyojung, saying that she trusted her and because the company gave her authority, the members just had to listen and follow the leader. Mimi concluded that the person who didn’t respond to text messages was the problem in this situation.

Arin asked everybody if she was really that bad at replying to texts, and all the members nodded. When Heechul asked how slowly Arin responds to text messages, Seunghee expressed her frustration.

It’s only to the point where I’m frustrated to death.

— Seunghee


At the OH MY GIRL members’ brutal honesty, Seo Jang Hoon worried that they would fight after the broadcast, but the members shared that they don’t fight—it’s why they were able to be a strong team for the past eight years!

Source: JTBC