Hate Comments Towards OH MY GIRL’s Seunghee Got So Bad, Even Her Parents Apologized

Hate comments can’t be easy for anyone to deal with, but Seunghee’s been suffering from them since she was just a child…

The endless hate idols receive across social media can’t be easy for anyone to handle, no matter how old they are, but it must be even most devastating for a child. On a recent episode of KBS‘s Museum of Broken Relationships, OH MY GIRL‘s Seunghee opened up about the hate she’s been receiving since childhood, which got so bad that her parents felt the need to apologize.

Seunghee made her debut in OH MY GIRL at the age of 19, but she’d had a long past in the entertainment industry before then. Prior to becoming an official trainee when she was 16 years old, she also competed on three singing reality shows.

OH MY GIRL’s Seunghee | WM Entertainment

In 2010, aged 14, she participated on the second season of Mnet‘s Superstar K.

And even before that, Seunghee competed on two singing shows in 2007, when she was only 11 years old. Her first was KBS1‘s Korea Sings, where she was awarded the Excellence Prize for her skills.

Later, she also appeared on SBS‘s Star King, in which she was nicknamed “the 11-year-old Little BoA.”

With talent beyond her years and the cutest little face to match, it’s hard to believe anyone could’ve found a bad word to say about young Seunghee. However, on Museum of Broken Relationships, the OH MY GIRL star revealed her experience was quite the opposite.


When I was young, I appeared on various reality shows… Haters have been giving me a hard time since then.

— Seunghee

Seunghee went on to say that at 11 years old, she even read a hate comment about her which stated, “Seriously, don’t live your life like that.” Unsurprisingly, poor Seunghee explained, “I didn’t even know how to live my life back then, you know?

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And sadly, it didn’t stop there. Seunghee continued to reveal the most common reason she’s received hate since debuting in OH MY GIRL—and it’s heartbreaking. “Lots of hate comments were to do with the way I look,” she confessed.

Tragically, haters would refer to Seunghee’s face as “crushed.” “It was my first time even knowing a world like that could be used to describe someone’s appearance,” she explained. And while Seunghee wasn’t “as hurt” by those comments as she could’ve been, she says her parents definitely were.

It got so bad that Seunghee’s parents actually apologized to her for the way she looked. “They were sorry to make me born this way,” says Seunghee, “That’s what makes me angry.”

“Museum of Broken Relationships” | KBS

Thankfully, nowadays, Seunghee tries to look on the bright side of such awful hate comments. “They’re probably saying cruel things about my face because I have no other bad traits to comment on,” the star says. And regardless of how badly online trolls may treat her, it hasn’t stopped Seunghee from rising to fame with her beauty and talent.