Oh My Girl’s Seunghee Tried To Have A Perfect “Ending Fairy” Moment…But It Didn’t Quite Go As Planned

She shared this hilarious, but unfortunate incident that happened at the end of the stage!

Oh My Girl had a successful round of promotions with “Dun Dun Dance”, but Seunghee shared a hilarious fail that occurred during their last stage performance!


In a recent video uploaded to their Youtube channel, the members of Oh My Girl can be seen backstage while preparing for their last round of promotions for “Dun Dun Dance”!

They talked and had fun, and soon, had to go up and perform onstage! As soon as they came back, however, Seunghee immediately talked about the stage, and revealed that while she was preparing for her ending fairy moment, paper flowers got into her mouth, and the camera caught her spitting out!

I’m telling you, I ate paper flowers! So when it came time for the ending, I quickly spit it out! It’s filmed…


She then hilariously commented on the taste of the paper flowers that found their way into her mouth!

[Paper flowers were] Salty! I tasted them, they were salty!


Regardless of the tiny mishap at the end, Seunghee still performed flawlessly!

Watch her talk about it here!


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