OH MY GIRL’s Stunning “Billboard Korea” Cover Reminds Netizens Of An Old Girls’ Generation Photo 

They both slayed this concept 🔥

Billboard Korea teased some photos of OH MY GIRL‘s upcoming pictorial with the magazine and the girls looked absolutely amazing! The vibrant colors and their gorgeous visuals made for one stunning pictorial so without further ado, let’s dive right into the teasers.

First up, we have the one and only Mimi. Dressed in a neon green blazer and bright pink pants, the OH MY GIRL member blew it out of the water with this cool look.

OH MY GIRL’s Mimi for “Billboard Korea.”

While not much of Jihyo‘s outfit can be seen in her photo, her face and her face alone is all we need. The pop of blue paired with her rosy cheeks made for an alluring picture.

OH MY GIRL’s Jihyo for “Billboard Korea.”

Next up, we have Seunghee in an all-blue ensemble and holy moly does she pull this look off! Her shorter hair with the perfectly executed menswear-look is making us scream internally.

OH MY GIRL’s Seunghee for “Billboard Korea.”

YooA always, and we mean always manages to look good in everything — and this time is no different. The wide legged, neon pink jumpsuit screams high fashion, which the OH MY GIRL member pulls off effortlessly.

OH MY GIRL’s YooA for “Billboard Korea.”

The maknae Arin was dressed in softer hues compared to the rest of her unnies, but the outfit is so fitting for her image. The soft pink and the pastel purple look amazing with Arin’s soft visuals.

OH MY GIRL’s Arin for “Billboard Korea.”

Following the maknae, we have the one and only Hyojung. The leader of the group rocks the heck out of this orange suit and we are completely and utterly obsessed with this look.

OH MY GIRL’s Hyojung for “Billboard Korea.”

Last, but most certainly not least is Binnie who is doing color blocking in the best way possible. The stunning member looks amazing in the orange blazer and the cobalt blue pants, which she pulls off perfectly.

OH MY GIRL’s Binnie for “Billboard Korea.”

And while the girls looked absolutely beautiful in their individual photos, it was the cover of Billboard Korea that has become the center of attention. Photographed in black and white, all 7 members of OH MY GIRL embraced one another with big smiles on their faces — which netizens believe was reminiscent of a picture done by another famous girl group.


Upon seeing this photo, Reddit users immediately realized that the photo seemed familiar due to its similarity to a Girls’ Generation picture from years ago!

| Reddit

The picture that the Reddit users were referring to was this particular photo of the veteran girl group. Girls’ Generation was photographed in similar positions for their The Best Japanese compilation album that was released back in 2014.

Girls’ Generation | SM Entertainment

While there is definitely a similarity between the two photos, both girl groups slayed it! The Billboard Korea edition featuring OH MY GIRL will be released on September 30 so be on the lookout for that.