Oh My Girl’s Stylist Under Criticism Following Their Red Carpet Appearance At “Golden Disc Awards”

Some netizens had a problem with the overall picture.

Oh My Girl recently attended the 35th Golden Disc Awards where they confidently took the spotlight at the red carpet event.

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In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the members appeared wearing black masks.

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And while wearing outfits that showed off their individuality, the members made sure to give fans lots of fan service through the cameras.

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It couldn’t be denied that every member’s visuals shined brightly at the event, but some netizens weren’t happy with their styling.

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Many expressed that the overall picture was too hectic due to the color and design choices of the stylist.

  • “It just looks hectic overall.”
  • “Was this the best they could do?”
  • “Who’s their stylist?”
  • “Why is Arin the only one wearing white?”
  • “My eyes don’t know where to look.”

In contrast to the mixed opinions of their red carpet look, fans were loving the hanbok outfits that they flaunted on stage.

The look gained particular attention for having been designed by the same designer in charge of BLACKPINK‘s signature hanbok outfits in “How You Like That.”

Nevertheless, Oh My Girl absolutely slayed at the Golden Disc Awards.

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