OH MY GIRL’s YooA Makes Headlines For Not Getting The Group’s Black Dress Code Memo

She looked stunning either way!

OH MY GIRL recently attended the Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards, where all 7 members of the girl group showed off their stunning visuals and outfits. However, it didn’t take long for viewers and fans to notice that one member in particular stood out amongst the group.

OH MY GIRL members arriving to the awards ceremony.

Member YooA was the only OH MY GIRL member who wasn’t dressed in an all-black ensemble for the awards ceremony—and people naturally noticed. Members JihoArin, and Seunghee were all dressed in stunning black minidresses…

Members Arin (left), Seunghee (middle) and Jiho.

…while member Mimi stunned in a black floor-length gown.

OH MY GIRL member Mimi.

The leader of the group Hyojung stunned in a black jumpsuit…

OH MY GIRL member Hyojung

…and Binnie also showed off her legs in a black minidress.

OH MY GIRL member Binnie.

With the overall noticeable theme of black, it was hard not to notice YooA—who was the only member dressed in brown. Dressed in a matching knit crop top and midi skirt, the OH MY GIRL member showed off her perfect abs on the red carpet.

OH MY GIRL member YooA.

And while she looked absolutely gorgeous, she stood out with her neutral earth tone outfit when standing next to all of her other members!

OH MY GIRL members, with YooA in the brown (second from the right).

Having one member stand out amongst a K-Pop group is nothing new, so we’re not too terribly surprised. In addition to that, all 7 ladies looked absolutely beautiful for the awards ceremony and that’s all that matters.

OH MY GIRL performed “Dun Dun Dance” and received an award for South Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism at the ceremony—with which they posed for an adorable photo afterwards.

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Congratulations to the girls and all of the victors!

Source: Insight