OH MY GIRL’s Yooa Shares That A Ghost Continues To Live At Her Company — Even After They Moved Locations

“The short-haired ghost was still with us.”

OH MY GIRL fans may already know about the famous ghost that lurks within the WM Entertainment walls, but Yooa recently took the time to tell the full story. The OH MY GIRL member appeared as a guest on MBC‘s Late Night Ghost Talk where she shared the details about the famous WM Entertainment ghost.

Yooa gets straight into the story without any hesitation by sharing that the ghost has been with them since their days as a smaller label.

OH MY GIRL’s Yooa on “Late Night Ghost Talk” | MBC

Firstly, there is a ghost that lives at our company. Our label grew quite a bit, but before it did, we were at a smaller building in Bangbae-dong.

— OH MY GIRL’s Yooa

The OH MY GIRL member then shared physical traits of the ghost, revealing what she looked like.

 She has short hair like Kim Sook sunbaenim. She’s a very small female child.

— OH MY GIRL’s Yooa

Yooa confessed during her story that it wasn’t just OH MY GIRL who has run into the small female ghost, but that their label mates B1A4 also encountered the ghost as well.

Our B1A4 sunbaenims have also seen this child ghost numerous different times.

— OH MY GIRL’s Yooa

The girl group member then dove into the nitty gritty details of the story, as Yooa revealed that the ghost was almost always in their practice room.

Yooa: “She was always in our practice room.”

It was here that Yooa shared that her fellow OH MY GIRL member Mimi encountered the ghost personally while practicing one evening.

During our trainee days, one of our members Mimi stayed back to practice dancing in the room since she wanted to debut. In our practice room, we have two doors on the backside.

— OH MY GIRL’s Yooa

It was during Mimi’s time alone in the practice room that she personally encountered the child ghost. Mimi saw a hand penetrate through one of the closed doors of the room during her dance practice.

Yooa: “She said that she saw an arm through the door.”

She said that she saw an arm through the door. The doors were all closed, but there was an arm. She got scared so she decided to open the door, but when she did there was nobody there.

— OH MY GIRL’s Yooa

Yooa continued the tale by revealing eventually, WM Entertainment moved their headquarters to a bigger building — but the ghost followed them there.

[B1A4] sunbaenims and we all worked really hard so we were able to move to Mangwon-dong. But the ghost followed us there.

— OH MY GIRL’s Yooa

The OH MY GIRL member revealed that according to myths, ghosts tend to follow their “owner.” Due to this, the child ghost was seen lurking around WM Entertainment’s new building by Seunghee.

One of our members Seunghee can see ghosts really well. She informed us that the short-haired ghost was still with us. She told us that she saw her walking across the lobby, on the third floor, and on the fifth floor.

— OH MY GIRL’s Yooa

This is such a crazy story! Be sure to check out Yooa on Late Night Ghost Talk as she shares the girl group’s eerie ghost encounters down below.

Source: MSN