Oh My Girl’s shares amazing covers of Beyonce with fans

Kpop groups covering Western songs is a special treat that many international fans fawn over. It is a great way for idols to show their versatility and connect on a global scale to their fans.

Oh My Girl have shamelessly admired Beyonce work through countless group and individual covers.

Last year, Play the Siren and Bay.B also showed their love for Beyonce by covering Pentatonix’s melody of her songs. Almost since debut Oh My girl has been racking up a great collection of quality covers and one theme is their familiarity with Queen B’s music.

Check out the video’s below!

151124 오마이걸 (Oh My Girl) – 비욘세 (Beyonce) Party Acapella Cover (해요TV)

151124 오마이걸 (Oh My Girl) – 비욘세 (Beyonce) Party Acapella Cover

Here they show off their perfect acapella skills singing Party. Oh My Girl are known for their ethereal, fairy-like concepts. To see how effortlessly they harmonize Beyonce’s lower range R&B song shows their true teamwork and talent.

Oh My Girl “Hyojung, Seunghee, YooA” – Halo

Uploaded by B4 BA on 2015-11-25.

Vocal team looks incredibly happy and singing Halo together on the Cultwoo Show.

OH MY GIRL Seunghee sings to Sweet dreams (Yonce), Closer (OMG). If ain’t got you (with Hyojung)

Uploaded by melissitavera96 on 2015-11-13.

Seunghee sung Sweet Dreams on After School Club comfortably covering the powerful song. She is known for her strong voice which she got to show off in the variety show Girl’s Spirit.

Finally the girls showed their classic cute style dancing to Beyonce’s Single Ladies. Oh  My Girl never seems to miss a chance to show their love for Beyonce and her work. Though, as with everything they do, one can’t help but be struck by their cute charms even when they give tribute to the R&B Queen.