OH MY GIRL’s YooA Confesses That She Thinks She’s Not A Skilled Singer And Reveals Her Honest Feelings About It

Here’s why she thinks so.

OH MY GIRL‘s YooA has it all: charisma, beauty, intelligence, and talent. But in her opinion, there is one area she still lacks in—singing skills.


The K-Pop idol recently made a solo comeback with the song “SELFISH” and guested on Leemujin Service where she covered songs from female artists NewJeans, BoA, and IU.

In between performances, host Mujin asked what her vocal strength is, and she confessed that she thinks she has a unique vocal tone but doesn’t believe she’s a great singer.

  • Mujin: What is the strength of your vocal skills in your opinion?
  • YooA: Tone? I don’t think I am a skilled singer, but I think I have a unique tone color.

Furrowing his brows, Mujin asked how she defines a well-skilled singer. YooA said it can be compared to a Math problem. There is a sure answer, and it’s easy to see if her answer matches. In this case, the answer to being a good singer is having proper tone, pitch, and vibration, which she believes she lacks in.

For me, it’s like answering a Math problem. There is a defined answer, and you can see if my answer matches the defined answer. For example, you can define the criteria of a well-skilled singer into tone, pitch, and vibration and see how well I can do in each criterion. In terms of that, I don’t think I am a skilled singer.

— YooA

Furthermore, she shared that she is naturally more dancing-inclined, so she really put in the effort to learn how to sing better.

To be honest, I am more of a dancer than a singer. I had to put a lot of effort into learning singing while dancing was like a close friend to me.

— YooA

YooA may not believe she has strong singing skills, but her beautiful voice is one of a kind and has touched many hearts!

Source: YouTube


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