Oh My Girl’s Arin Shares Sweet Words About TXT’s Soobin And Their Time On “Music Bank”

Who else is going to miss this duo?!

This week concluded Oh My Girl‘s Arin and TXT‘s Soobin, known together as AKONG) time as MCs on KBS‘s Music Bank and both fandoms are sad to see them go. To end things sweetly, Arin shared some sweet words about Soobin and her time on the music program.


On her personal Instagram account, Arin took the time to write a touching message to her fans about her time on Music Bank. Arin expressed how thankful she was to receive all the love that she did while on the show despite “Lacking in a lot of aspects.

Thank you so much for giving so much love to the AKONG MCs throughout the long yet short 1 year and 2 months..🤍 I’m suddenly remembering the time we first started as AKONG MCs. We were lacking in a lot of aspects but thank you so much for cheering us on and giving us so much love. I had a lot of fun and I was very happy. Thank you for everything☺

— Arin


As for the sweet words she shared about her co-MC Soobin, Arin mentioned how Soobin is truly a sweet dongsaeng. Hopefully, the two stars can reunite as MCs one day!

Really I think that soobin is a really… really such a kind and great little brother.

— Arin

Check out the clip below:

Source: Naver TV