3rd Generation Girl Group Member Shocks With Short Pixie Haircut

She makes it look elegant and pure.

OH MY GIRL’s Arin has always been known for her innocent image and long hair. She has had long hair for most of her career.

The star did cut her hair into a bob during promotions for “Non Stop,” but it didn’t last long.

On October 5, 2023, she shocked fans with a sudden update. In the photo, her hair had been trimmed into a pixie cut. It was way shorter than anything she ever tried before.

| @ye._.vely618/Instagram

Fan-taken photos showed her new cut better. Although she kept her trademark bangs, the rest of her hair was layered to her ears.

The cut made her look softer.

With her white fluffy sweater and jeans, she looked like the very picture of innocence.

As her face is a perfect U-shaped oval, the cut complimented her round features perfectly.

She definitely gives off more “actress vibes” with the hair.

Netizens had nothing but praise for the star.

Netizen reactions. | Instiz
  • Seems like girl group members are doing this hush (hairstyle name) short cut nowadays… I want to do this too.
  • She’s really pretty.
  • No, but I thought that long hair was the best for her, but the short cut is more charming.
  • Because an innocent-looking girl group member is doing it, it suits her so well.
  • Wow, really pretty.
  • Wow, I saw the title of the post and wondered how she would look like with a short cut as I clicked in. She totally suits it more than I expected. Daebak pretty.

Nowadays, it’s rare to spot girl group members with short cuts. The hairstyle can limit the singer’s concepts and styling. As Arin is currently filming for a new K-Drama, S-Line, the hair is likely a part of the character!

Source: Instiz